Monday, June 25, 2012

First Freebie!

Updated 7/20/2013

While the little guy is sleeping, I figured I'd post my first freebie.  This is an association game that I created to go with a frog/pond theme.  You can play it simply as a memory game.  In my preschool classrooms, I tend to do one inclusion group per week.  I typically do a story and extension activity with all of the children in the class.  For the in-class lessons, I separate the frogs into two piles (with one member of each set in each pile).  I hold on to one of the piles, and hand out the rest of the frogs to the students in the class.  I then tell the students what object is on my card and ask who has the matching frog.  You can use the activity to target sentence structure ("My frog is holding a ___"), providing explanations ("A fork and a spoon go together because you use them to eat"), and categorization (tools, sporting equipment, utensils, etc.).  Hope you enjoy it!

You can grab a copy HERE.

Please leave me a comment if you download :)


  1. Love it! Excited for your new blog!

  2. These are very cute. I cannot wait to try them with my students this fall.

  3. This is fabulous! I am working with preschoolers in the fall, and I will be doing the whole class inclusion lesson once a week as well. I am looking forward to more of your ideas!


  4. I used this idea with monkeys too! Thanks!

  5. Very cute picture cards! Thank you!

  6. Very simple and wonderful lesson plan for my Baby Animals unit! Thank You!


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