Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Venture (and a Giveaway)

So I have recently been introduced to Jamberry Nails.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed this! :)  Have you heard of them? Jamberry wraps are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your fingernails (as well as gel, acrylic, shellac, etc.) and last on your fingernails for up to 2 weeks and your toenails for up to 6 weeks! They do not chip like polish and there's no drying time!  Did you notice I said "heat activated"?? Here's the official Jamberry Application Video. FYI, I skip the cuticle oil. I found that my nails started to lift at the cuticles the one time I did use it. I also do a slightly different removal process (see below).

This was my first attempt at applying them:

Way neater than I ever could have done with polish!  BTW, I almost NEVER polish my nails! I'm just terrible at it!  Also, when I was little, I used to bite my fingernails. My mother told me "If you bite your nails, they'll never grow long!"  So, I started biting/picking at my cuticles instead, lol!  This is a horrible habit to have and nail polish remover is just plain painful!  Anywho, I've tried nail "stickers" before, but none have lasted as long as the Jamberries!

This is the next wrap I chose, just in time for the holidays!  How cute are the candy canes???

I loved these so much, I did them twice!  Here's the 2nd set on day 14, and after I broke 2 nails cleaning the house:

Not bad, huh?  You can see some nail growth, but they still look awesome!  On day 14, though, I was hosting a demo at my house and wanted to show my guests how I remove my "jams."  I don't have pictures, but basically I dip my fingertips in a small bowl of olive oil (about 1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp) and work the oil under the wrap from the cuticle to the tip. No Chemicals!  I totally love that!

This "Jamicure" has been on my hands for about a week now.  I'm not typically one to "mix-and-match" patterns, but I really like this combination!

I have to add something speech related to this post...My preschoolers love the patterns! They've been a conversation starter since I've started wearing them.  Some of my kids are even paying more attention when I point to things, lol!

So why am I telling you about Jamberry?  Well, I love them so much, I decided to become a consultant!  I started this blog and my TPT store, not as a way to make money, but as a way to share my ideas with the rest of you.  I have been SOOO fortunate to make a little bit of money from my TPT store and I am unbelievably thankful to each of you who has made purchases!  A few years ago, my husband went back to school. 

The short version of a long story is that, to supplement our income while he's in school, I have been thinking about joining a direct sales company (e.g., Pampered Chef, Thirty-One) for a while now and along came Jamberry! Talk about right place, right time!  I can host virtual Jamberry parties right on Facebook with my son in the same room!  

If you're interested in hosting a party right on Facebook, January is the perfect time to do so!  Check out the AWESOME bonus hostess rewards for January!  I still have a few spots left, so email me if you're interested (I'm using for Jamberry related emails)

If you're interested in finding out more about Jamberry, I invite you to check out my website ( and/or Facebook Page.  

I'm so excited about this new venture! I'm going to do a giveaway because I believe that once you try Jamberry, you'll love it as much as I do! I'm giving away a half sheet of nail wraps!  Each wrap is meant to be used on 2 fingers (right hand, left hand).  I cut them down the center, but if you have short nails, you can get up to 2 manicures out of this sheet (right side of wrap, left side of wrap, center of wrap)! The wraps I have available are pictured above (Midnight Celebration, White Stars on Pink, Heartstrings, Sealed With a Kiss, Dizzy Blue, and Cool Blue Sparkle). Enter using the Rafflecopter below!

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