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Using Google Images to Create Quck Goal Checks

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 This may come as a shock to everyone, but I love my iPad!!!  Crazy, I know.  I'm probably the only one who feels this way.  Joking aside, I think one of my favorite features is actually the Camera Roll.  I use the camera to take photos of all of the kiddos on my caseload, and put them into albums by teacher for quick reference.  But, you can also use Google Images to add photos to your camera roll.

 Quick tutorial if you don't know how to do this:

  1. Open Safari
  2. In the search box, type in the name of the image you are searching for (e.g., cat)
  3. Tap "Images" (under the text box)
  4. Tap on any image to open a slide-show view
  5. Tap and hold an image that you would like to save ("Save Image" and "Copy" will appear)
  6. Tap "Save Image" and, voila!, the image saves to your camera roll. 

Why is this convenient?  Well, for starters, you can find images for just about anything you would possibly want without taking/drawing pictures yourself.  You can find different image types (photos, clip art, line drawings, etc.).  Best of all, once you have the images in  your camera roll, you can create albums to organize your photos.  Here's another quick, very basic tutorial:

     1.  Open your camera roll.
     2.  Tap "Edit"
     3.  Tap "New Album"
     4.  Give your Album a title and "Save"
     5.  Tap on the photos you wish to add to your album
     6.  Tap "Done."

If you are anything like me, you may find that many of your students have similar goals.  For example, many of my children are working on early developing morphological markers (e.g., plurals, possessives, verb+ing), increasing length of utterance, using appropriate subjective pronouns, building receptive/expressive vocabulary, and (of course) articulation.

Again, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for fast, easy ways to collect data.  Well this is where your iPad can really help you out.  But, never fear, if you don't have an iPad, you can still make use of Google Images and import them into a Power Point presentation or MS Word document. 

To do quick data checks on some of these goals, I have created different Albums within my Camera Roll:

Initial K
Regular Plurals

For most of my albums, I use 10 photos (just for the convenience of calculating a percentage).  I then simply keep tally marks on a scrap paper and transfer the percentage to a Post-It note.

Thematic Vocabulary

You can use as many (or as few) photos in an album as you'd like...

Pronoun is Verbing
You can also target multiple goals within one album.  Using this album I can check for pronouns (he, she, and they), auxiliary verbs (is, are), present progressive -ing, and subject-verb-object (SVO) sentence forms.  I created a data collection sheet for this album as well:

How do you use the Camera and Camera Roll function on your iPad?

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