Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School Week: School Themed Bingo

Before I get started, I wanted to remind you that I wrote a guest post on Playing With Words 365.  It's about my thoughts and experiences on pacifier use as an SLP and as a Mom.  Head on over to check it out!

Welcome to Back to School Week!

My district doesn't return to school until 8/27 for orientation and professional development (kids start on 9/4).  However, since many of you are starting this week (or already back in school), I figured I would have my Back to School Week now!  Each day this week (M-F), I will be posting school themed activities, organizational ideas, and other tidbits to get you ready for a great school year!

Today I have a Back to School themed Bingo game.  This game is designed for younger students as it is very simple.  There are nine vocabulary pictures:  scissors, paint, book, backpack, glue, globe, pencil, chalkboard, and crayons.  There are six bingo cards:

and question cards for drawing:

You will need bingo chips, milk bottle tops, or another type of marker to play.  I like to use the chips from my Chipper Chat games so that the students can use the magic wand at the end of the game.

Download a copy here (please leave a comment if you do).  Hope you enjoy!

Come back tomorrow for ideas on organizing caseload, scheduling, and taking attendance!


  1. This is a great idea! My son's a little too young, but I'll keep it in mind for the future!

    By the way, I enjoyed your article on the binky! I have so many BC moments too! I hated the binky too! I'm an OT. My son happened Not to be attached, but he decided to nurse from only one breast at a time to control his reflux instead. Let's just say we're attached at the hip!

    1. Thanks! I bet you and your son are very attached! I wasn't able to nurse (even though I tried for a while...and he was CONSTANTLY hungry) and we're still incredibly attached. I can only imagine!

  2. Thanks for sharing the game, and I loved the binky article!

    Oh, How Pintearesting!


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