Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carnival Capers

I just finished my first two days of work...teacher orientation and professional development days.  We now have six days off before the kids start school on Tuesday.  I can honestly say that I'm excited about this upcoming school year.  I know it will bring new adventures and new challenges and I can't wait to see how the year unfolds!

Today I have a Carnival themed board game for you.  Why carnival?  Well, first of all, I found some really cute graphics at MyGrafico.  Second, late summer and early fall are perfect times for carnivals.  Third, my principal was telling us at our staff orientation meeting that she would like to host a "Back to School Carnival" for all of the students in the school.  So here we go...

This game is open ended and can be used with any goal (wh- questions, following directions, articulation, etc.).

Use the number cards and add the game play cards (e.g., "Go Back" and "Move Ahead") to the number cards.  The students draw a card to determine the number of spaces they can move, or whether they need to lose a turn, move back, etc..

You can download this item HERE.  Hope you enjoy this game!  

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