Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Ready...

If you didn't already read this, I'm starting at a new school in September.  I'm excited, but stressing!  My stress has nothing to do with the job, the school, my new co-workers, or any of that.  My stress ALL stems from the fact that I have not yet been in to set up my new room!  Have you seen this floating around on Pinterest or Facebook:

Just substitute "classroom" with "speech room" and this is me!  Now, the problem is that I added 12+ years of junk much needed therapy materials to a lot of materials that were left behind (I'm replacing a wonderful SLP who has retired and left behind lots of great resources).  I haven't been able to get into the school yet, but I have been scoping Pinterest, perusing back to school items at Target, Walmart, K-Mart, and The Dollar Store.

I've started a couple of projects that I can't wait to use in my new room.  (I also couldn't wait to share them!)

I found these really cute magnetic storage containers from Dollar Tree:

While I love the pink and grey, I'm stuck with some red furniture (you'll see when I can get in there and post pics).  So I decided to go with a black/white/red color scheme.  Add some duck tape to these containers and Voila!  The red one looks pink because of the flash, but trust me, it's red. :)

Next, I found some great cork board tiles at Ocean State Job Lot (a New England store like Big Lots).  I thought they were a little boring, so I added some scrapbook paper and ribbon....

Here are some close-ups:

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest from Keen on Kindergarten using oven burner covers:

I found some oven burner covers at Dollar Tree, but saw some larger pizza pans that I liked better.  I bought those and spray painted them black.  It's hard to tell the size difference here, but they're about the size of a small pizza (14" or so).  I bought 3 in total.

I still have some other projects I'd like to work on as well:

Laura from Oh, How Pintearesting! posted this cute speech-inspired sign.  If only I knew how to count!  As I was looking at her page again, I realized I bought a frame with only 4 openings.  UGH!  I'll have to figure something out.  (SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!)

And how cute are these clipboards from Mod Podge Rocks!?

I bought the file folders to make this awesome organizer from ReMarkable Home:

So much to do, so little time!  Now to get in there and get organized!

What are you doing to get yourself and your room ready for the start of school?

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