Friday, October 19, 2012

Artic Cards

Thank goodness it's Friday...and Thank Goodness for Super Duper's Jumbo Artic Drill Book!!!

Somewhere in my move from one school to another, I lost my /k/ cards!!! Oh the horror!  I have a group of students working on /k/, so we've been using the cards from Artic Chipper Chat until I could find my lost cards.  Well, we're now more than half-way through October and I still can't find them. :(  So, I started making a new set.

Many SLP Bloggers have written about what they use/how they make their articulation cards, so here's my method.  I've been using the Jumbo Artic Drill Book for years to make cards.  I would photocopy the page I wanted (2 copies), color the pictures, paste them on a half index card, then laminate.  I always make 2 of each artic card so we can use them to play memory or go fish.  I'm guessing I'm not alone in that!  Here are some of my /l/ cards:

Fast forward a few years and I'm still using the Jumbo Artic Drill Book to make cards.  The only difference now is that I've acquired the Drill Book Add-on with CD ROM!

Now I can print in color and save myself the step of coloring in all the pictures!!!! (Time saver & life saver! Especially when you lose one of your most frequently used card sets!)

My new /k/ cards in progress:

And completed:

Do you purchase or make artic cards?  If you make them, what's your method?


  1. I started making my cards with the CD years ago and printing on card stock. Have some wooden try (made for kitchen draws for forks, knives etc.) and keep the early sounds in one, the typical 1-3rd grade sounds in another and the less used one in another.....when I start to laminate....I always do one extra blank card stock sheet in a different color so I can make labled dividers between the cards.

    1. I was going to print directly on card stock, but I'm *beyond* anal! If I printed on card stock, they wouldn't be the same size as all my other ones, lol! So, I guess I'm stuck glueing them to 1/2 index cards for the rest of my professional career! :)

  2. I'm a first year SLP and I don't have any articulation cards! (There is another SLP at my school and she has artic cards so once in a while I borrow hers.) Luckily most of my artic kiddos are /r, l, s/ so I have done exactly what you did. I made copies of all cards for those 3 sounds and my roommate and I colored our little hearts out! I only made one copy and even though it takes time I'm wishing I would've made two. I didn't think to put them on note cards before laminating, but they still work like a charm. I had no idea super duper had the CD version, I definitely need to get my hands on that! It's nice to know that I've come up with some of the same ideas that you veteran SLPs have used for years!

    1. Ah, I remember the days of recruiting people to color with me! There are times I do print certain things in black and white b/c I find coloring somewhat therapeutic (maybe I'm just nuts!). I've never bought artic cards (I'm too cheap) and I'm still using ones I made probably 10 years ago!

      Hope you have a great first year!!


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