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Two Speechies Tangled Together: Carrie's Speech Corner and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

If you haven't heard yet, it's Tangled Tuesday!  "What's that?," you may be wondering.  Well, it's the brain-child of Amy over at Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl.  The idea is simple:  Two SLPs swap TPT materials, try them out in their therapy sessions, and provide a review to help you make more informed choices! (You can view other Tangled Tuesday posts HERE on Major Speech Pathology Fun).

So, without further ado...Amy sent me her "Yes/No Popcorn Game" and "Movie Battle Game."

Yes/No Popcorn Game

The Yes/No Popcorn Game is a 13 page document with "Yes" and "No" popcorn containers (one each) and 60 popcorn cards printed with Yes/No questions:

Yes/No Popcorn Containers
Popcorn Question Cards

Amy suggests either laminating the popcorn containers, or attaching them to a brown paper sack.  The directions are simple:  Each student picks up a piece of popcorn and answers the question.  The student then puts the popcorn card on the corresponding YES or NO popcorn container.  I happen to have some popcorn containers from the Dollar Store that I thought would be perfect for this activity:

With my first group, I split the popcorn cards between the students, placed them in the containers, and gave one to each child.  I placed the YES and NO container pictures in the center of the table.  The students took turns taking a popcorn card from their container and placing it on the YES and NO containers.

It was a hit! The kids loved "The Popcorn Game!"  Even though they loved playing this way, I decided to switch it up for my next group.  For this group, I taped the YES/NO pictures onto the plastic popcorn containers (see below) and spread the popcorn cards out on the table.  I put them face-up since the kids in the group could not read.  Each student took a turn picking a popcorn card.  They answered the question by placing the card in the appropriate container.  I think they actually liked this version better!!

I happened to have ONE preschool articulation group on the first day I used this activity.  Because they are also non-readers, I used the game as a simple reinforcer.  I gave each student a plastic popcorn container.  For each articulation target they produced, they got to put a piece of popcorn into their container.  Another hit!

Movie Battle Game

Amy was kind enough to send along this item as well, which pairs nicely with the Popcorn Game!  The Movie Battle Game is an open ended game that can be used with any target.  It is a 6 page document, but you do need to print multiples of some of the pages (e.g., 4 copies of the Popcorn Card.).  

How to Play:  Each player takes a turn performing a task.  When they finish, they draw a card.  At the end of the round, the player with the highest ranking card wins the round and takes all of the cards.  At the end of the game, the player with the most cards is the winner.

The Cards:

Ranking #1:  Director's Cut

Ranking # 2:  Camera

Ranking #3:  Ticket

Ranking #4:  Popcorn

I tried to use this game in conjunction with the Yes/No Popcorn Game (in the same session).  The majority of my caseload consists of preschool students.  The younger ones (3-years-old) didn't really need this extra activity.  They weren't grasping the concept of "ranking."  There is a visual included for the younger kiddos (who will probably need it!):

My older preschoolers had an easier time following the concept of this game.  They definitely got into the competitive spirit!  I have to say, the Popcorn Game was sufficient on its own for all of my groups.  In the future, I think I would use the Movie Battle Game to spice up a more boring activity (the Popcorn game was exciting enough on its own for my kiddos!).  I would highly recommend both activities, particularly if you are looking to prepare a Movie Themed Unit!  Amy also has a 2nd version of the Yes/No Popcorn game that you can check out on TPT!

A big THANK YOU to Amy for letting me review these awesome activities!  Be sure to visit Amy's Blog (Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl), TPT Store, and Facebook page!

Also, you might want to know that these activities ("Yes/No Popcorn Game" and "Movie Battle Game") are on sale today only!

Head on over to Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl to check out her review of my activity, Snappy Snapshots (also on sale today only!)

Amy and I (each!) are also offering a freebie to celebrate Tangled Tuesday, download Amy's activity, Under the Sea, HERE.  And you can check out my FREEBIE, Birthday Riddles, HERE.

Have you tried the Yes/No Popcorn Game or Movie Battle Game?  What do you think?

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