Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rhyme Time {FREEBIE}

February is almost over and March is right around the corner.  Classrooms across the country will be celebrating a certain author's birthday at the start of March.  You know who I mean, right? ;)  To accompany books you might be reading this month in your speech rooms and classrooms, I've created this simple rhyming activity:

There are 16 pairs of rhyming words (32 cards total).  Here's an example:

You can use the cards as a memory game, with rhyming words being a match.  You could also use the cards to play Go-Fish ("Do you have a word that rhymes with box?").

Here are some ways in which you can expand on the activity:

  • When students make a match, ask them to name another rhyming word.
  • Ask students to provide a synonym, antonym, and/or association for each word they select.
  • Use only the nouns.  Ask students to formulate a sentence using the two words (e.g., "A mouse lives in a small house")
  • Use only the nouns.  Ask students to describe the object using a specified number of salient features.  You could assign points for each feature given.

You can grab this free download HERE.  If you do, please leave a comment or feedback!

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