Sunday, February 3, 2013

TPT Super Sale Super Buys!

Some of my favorite SLP bloggers are sharing what they bought during the big Super Bowl Sale.  
Jenna over at Speech Room News encouraged us to share our buys with you.  I used my TPT credits for EXTRA savings!  So here's what I got today (The links on the activity title will take you to the TPT store, links on the author's name/blog site will take you to the blog):

Monster Questions by Danielle Reed (Sublime Speech)

What did you get that you're SUPER excited to use???


  1. Thanks for the mention and the purchase!! -speechymusings

    1. You're welcome! I can't wait to use the packet!

  2. Thanks for your purchase and mentioning me on your post! I made some great purchases today as well!

  3. I bought:
    Construction: Receptive Language By Missie Wagoner
    Can I Take Your Order? Receptive Language Activity By Teach Speech 365
    Topic Targeters: Keeping a conversation going By Heather Porter
    Candy Category Sort - Valentine's Day language By SLP Madness
    Super Hero Problem Solvers By Lindsey Karol
    Ice Carving: Expressive & Receptive Describing Activity By Jenna Rayburn
    Skiing Bundle with Functions, Categories, and What Doesn't Belong By Missie Wagoner
    Synonyms are Sweet! By simply speech and phoebe
    Movie Ticket Talking! By Miss Speechie
    In the Doghouse Social Scenarios for Autism and Speech Therapy By Whitneyslp
    Candy Conversations! By Miss Speechie
    & Monsters Make Sense! Topic Maintenance Activity By Miss Speechie
    Oh my. Thought of more I want too.

  4. I'm excited to make your list too! Thanks so much for the purchase! I love all these goodies! :)

    Busy Bee Speech

  5. Thank you so much for posting about the activity :) Thank you so much for the purchase!!! You are amazing :)


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