Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kid Quotes

Kids really do say the funniest things, don't they?  Every now and then one of my students says something that just makes me laugh.  Sometimes I post these things to my Facebook page.  I decided to start a new feature here on the blog and share some of the funny things I hear in my speech room!

The other day I was finishing up a speech session with two boys working on articulation/phonology.  We had just finished using Phonological Processes by the Virtual Speech Center (check back next week for a review!).  One of the boys noticed a stylus in my iPad case.

Boy #1:  Mrs. Manchester, why does your iPad have a pencil?

Me:  So I can draw pictures if I want.

Boy #1:  You can draw PICTURES on an iPad?!?!

Me:  Yeah, do you want to try?

Now I pull up Hello Crayons and draw a few purple squiggles.  I hand the stylus to the boy and get this:

Boy #1 (as he's drawing):  This one is me (on the right)....And here's you Mrs. Manchester (in the middle)...and now Boy #2 (on the left).  This is you with all your curly hair!

Me:  Boy #2 do you want to try?

Boy #2:  Yes.

Here's his drawing:

Boy #1:  What is it? Is it me?  

Boy #2:  No.

Boy #1:  Is it Mrs. Manchester?

Boy #2:  No.

Boy #1:  Is it (proceeds to name several kids in their class)?

Boy #2:  No.

Me:  Is it a person?

Boy #2:  Nope.

Boy #1:  Then what is it?

Boy #2:  Well, it's magic and it's secret and I just can't tell you!  
(Code:  I have no idea, I was just scribbling!)

Hee hee!  What's the best "explanation" of a drawing you've gotten in your speech room?

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