Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 2013 SLP Link Up

I was scrolling through Google Reader, still in denial that it won't exist in the not-too-distant future, when I saw this post from Laura at Oh, How Pintearesting!  Laura is hosting a SLP Link Up.  This is the graphic she created:

Notice the SLP acronym? :)  Graphics are by Scrappin Doodles and Teaching in a Small Town. Font is by Cara Carroll of the First Grade Parade.

Here are the directions:

If you have a Mac, take a screen shot by pressing Command-Shift-4. This will bring up a circle with lines, and you can use that to take the screen shot. It will sound like a camera.  The image will go to the desktop, and you can open it up. Laura's screen shot image now looks like this:
From the top toolbar, select Tools-Annotate-Add Text:

This will bring up a plus sign. Place the plus sign where you want to add the text, and a vertical line will appear.

You will need to repeat these steps for each line of type. Then, either take a screen shot or save as an image, and add it to your blog post!

For PCs, right-click the image, import in PowerPoint, and add text boxes to add text.  If this is all too complicated, just copy the image and put the answers below. You don't have to put text into the image.
Here is my response:

  • This March, my State of Mind is Frantic!  IEPs, State Achievement Testing, Progress Reports, and providing therapy!
  • What I'm Loving - Spending time with my family.  Ok, I love that all the time, not just in March!
  • What I'm Prepping?  I'm getting my Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow Verbs ready to go and also Blooming Preschool Language from Lauren at Busy Bee Speech.

There's one more step, joining the linky party. Click on the Add Your Link button at the bottom of Laura's post. Share the URL for your blog. Then, comment on four blogs total - the two before your entry and the two after.

Here are the rules:

1) Keep it clean and friendly.
2) You can mention your own items, as I did with Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow Verbs , but if you do that, please put in an items from someone else, as I did with Blooming Preschool Language. The purpose is networking.
3) Give credit where credit is due - fonts, link to original ideas, TPT/Teachers Notebook stores, Pinterest, etc.
4) After submitting your blog, visit four more blogs and make comments.

Head on over to Laura's page (
Oh, How Pintearesting!) and Link Up!!!  Thank you Laura for starting this Linky party!


  1. Carrie, thanks for being the first linky! I've noticed how busy you are in March. I think our district does things differently. We have annual reviews throughout the school year. Are all of yours at one time? If so, how does that work with therapy?

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for starting it!! We do have annual reviews throughout the year, but they ALL have to be done before our April vacation (usually the 2nd week). Because of that, most of the kids that WOULD ordinarily have annual reviews in April, May, and June, get bumped up to February and March. As far as therapy, you do what you can. Often I'll double up groups to squeeze all my kids in. It's not ideal, but I'd rather see them in a larger group than not at all!

    2. Thanks for explaining. I love learning how everyone does things!

    3. I don't think my district would be able to get them all done by break. My life skills students have their meetings after the budget is approved (or not) because some of their classes are dependent on if the budget is approved. Therapy? In March? LOL, what is that? I am testing or in meetings. I wish we had a workload approach, so I had time to test without canceling sessions!

    4. Agreed! The presenter at the conference I went to Friday said we should all be writing IEP services as monthly or "per reporting period" rather than weekly because of teams and testing and all that. In his words, you are bold-faced lying if you say you are going to see a child 2x/week!

  2. Oh my gals, I am in the same boat. February was rough! In the last two months I have completed 30 assessments. Hard to keep up with therapy, missed sessions, testing and writing reports from home is getting old! I am trying to do make-ups when I can, and get kids in to at least work on some things indirectly with the apps, computer, worksheets while I catch up on things. I wish we had a workload/caseload model as well. Have any of you heard of the 3:1 model, I have only heard of the name but don't know a lot about it. Wonder if it's even better than having a workload model...curious.

    1. We have started writing IEPs as 6x30/month instead of 2x30/week. Not fully the 3:1 model, but it helps with teams, etc.

  3. Your IEP schedule sounds crazy! I once worked in a district that tried to do ALL IEPs in one week. I have felt your pain. That was a time before computerized IEPs so all handwritten. My hand really was in pain!

    1. Oh, that sounds terrible! Who thought that was a good idea?

      Schoolhouse Talk!

    2. In one week! Man! I can't even imagine! Hopefully your numbers were fairly low...

  4. I'm sure you really enjoy family time. Your March sounds quite packed!

  5. UGH! Spring just STINKS for schools...that's why I call it "IEP Season"! Ha! Well I hope you continue to enjoy your family time and get all your paperwork and meetings done in time for April! Do you have state testing in March as well? Logistically it sounds like a nightmare. If there is one thing we learn being in the schools is how to time manage that is for sure!!!! Good luck to all this IEP season :)

    1. We do have state testing in March (last week and this week). I have to administer to kids with accommodations too! No meetings scheduled during state testing though! Good luck to you during IEP Season too!


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