Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Throw it Away! Parmesan Cheese Containers

This is kind of a simple one, but I love parmesan cheese containers for storing small objects!  You could use them for sorting bears, stick pegs, lacing beads, etc.

The best thing about using these containers is the lid.  You can use the "sprinkle" part for placing pegs in.

You can use the larger opening for pouring small toys out.

Or you can unscrew the top and use the cap itself to hold the objects.

Do you use parmesan cheese containers?  What do you store in them?

*After posting this to Pinterest, another pinner commented that her daughter, who has a severe milk allergy, broke out when she attempted to use these containers to store toys.  If you have children with severe milk allergies, you may not want to use these containers!
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