Friday, May 24, 2013

Sometimes plans get thrown out the window...

The second grade students in my school have been learning about dinosaurs.  They completed 3-D projects about the different types of dinosaurs that they studied.  I have to say that they came out GREAT!  They are on display for the school to see - and they just happen to be located right outside of my door.  Needless to say, they are quite the conversation starter on the way to therapy!  Many of my students love dinosaurs and have had a hard time transitioning from talking about the projects to working on my planned therapy activities.  Now what?

Well, I just threw my plans right out the window (figuratively speaking of course - I don't actually have a window!).

I grabbed my little dinosaur figures and some play dough and we made fossils.

I used my articulation cards and we did a couple of different things...

We added dinosaurs to the top of the cards as the words were said a specified number of times.

We added playdough and dinosaurs and had to excavate to find our words.

With some groups, we used the Buildo History app (this app is similar to Clicky Sticky) to create and discuss scenes, to follow directions, to give directions, etc.

And, finally, we used the Dinosaur Preschool Pack posted by Brea at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology.  This packet is AWESOME (and free)!  We used Yes/No and What questions, along with the game board.

Images used with permission from Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology.

And that's how I ended up with "Dinosaur Week"!  How often do you end up scrapping your plans for the day/week?

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