Monday, June 24, 2013

Facebook Giveaways Night 1 Recap

So I wanted to have some fun with the giveaways on Facebook!  Here's what I did.  First, I took photos of speech and language tests, commercially available speech/language materials, materials from my TPT store, and some app screenshots...then I had lots of fun cropping them and adding filters using Pixlr.  (All the materials - but not tests - have been featured on the blog at one point!)

In case you missed it, here's the recap:

#1. For a copy of Camp Direction Following by Lindsey of Word Nerd Speech Teach, name that book!

And the answer was..."I Love School," guessed by Jenn M.

#2. for Dino Prepositions by Rae's Speech Spot.  Which test is this little guy from?

And the answer was the PLS-5, correctly guessed by Jenna R!

#3.  For a copy of the app, which app is this screenshot from?

The answer...Rainbow Sentences from Mobile Education Store, correctly guessed by Jessica S.

And #4, for your choice of items from my TPT store, which one of my products is this from?

Courtney F. correctly guessed the "Feed the Penguin" series!

If you participated, I hope you had fun!  If not, join me again tomorrow night and we'll do it again!

***These giveaways already happened and winners were announced.  Please do not enter here on the
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