Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monster vs. SLP in Training

Help!  I think I've created a monster! Or maybe just a future SLP in training....You decide.  This is a typical conversation in my house:

"Is this purple?"
          Yes! That is purple.
"No.  I think you should look again.  Is it purple or green?"
          Oh, it's green.
"Much better!  It is green! Nice!"
          Thank you!

If it wasn't obvious, the quotes in green were said by my soon-to-be-four year old son and the purple, (you guessed it) me!

Conversations like this are a daily occurrence in my house.  I can't even tell you how often I'm corrected on the names of toys/characters ("No, that's Mr. Waternoose.  Say 'Water' now say 'noose'!").  Don't even get me started on semantics!  I had just gotten off the phone with the groomers at Petco before this little exchange...Mom, who were you talking to? Petco.  Mom, Petco can't talk. It's a STORE!  Ok, I was talking to the lady at Petco.  That's more like it!

After being home for two weeks and getting corrected constantly, I'm starting to feel a little sympathy for our students!  (Also wondering "Is that what I sound like?").  I've been thinking, "Oh Boy! I've created a monster!"  Now I'm wondering if we have a future SLP in training!

I know your kids have had "speechy moments" too!  What's the funniest "speechy" thing your child has done/said?

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