Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seasonal Open Ended Dot Reinforcers

So many of us plan our therapy sessions around themes and my Seasonal and Thematic Open Ended Game Boards has been a big hit! (Thank you to everyone who has purchased this and/or any item from my store!).  I love being able to stick to themes AND vary targets for my students, so I created some more seasonal/thematic open ended activities...Seasonal and Thematic Dot Reinforcers!

First, there are 20 black and white (read:  NO COLOR INK NEEDED!) pages.  These sheets have 80 circles per page. The circles are filled with seasonal/thematic icons (apples, pumpkins, etc.) and there is one blank sheet as well. These can be filled using crayons, bingo chips, bingo markers, or small stickers.



Variations of Use:
  1. Students can fill in one dot per articulation production or language target practiced. (These pages have 80 dots/sheet)
  2. Students can roll a game die after they perform a specified task and fill in the corresponding number of dots. The first student to fill their page is the winner.
  3. Use the blank page. Have students fill with small stickers (the kind used for sticker charts). You can use as a behavior reinforcement as well.

Next, there are 13 Colored Dot Reinforcers. You can print and laminate desired pages and have students fill in the dots using bingo chips or tokens.




If you're interested, you can access this packet in my TPT store (HERE).

I've also added my two Seasonal and Thematic Open Ended activities into a value priced bundle, which can be found HERE.


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