Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs

OK so you've all seen #TBT on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook, right?  Did you know that #TBT stands for Throw Back Thursday?  (I didn't at first!) Anyway, this is a fun way to share pictures from "back in the day."  Some of your favorite SLP bloggers have decided to join in on the fun!  We've dusted off some boxes to gather up some Throw Back photos for you and added an AWESOME prize - a $50 gift certificate to Erin Condren! If you're not familiar, Erin Condren makes personalized planners and other organizational products that are simply amazing!

First, check out the totally adorable baby pictures below, match the pictures to the SLP bloggers, and email your answers to Kristin (Simply is below).  Simple!

Here are the baby pics:

And here's a list of who is participating so you will know who you should and shouldn't guess.  I'll give you another hint...bloggers tend to have blogger profiles on the right side of their blog pages. Many of these contain photos!

Remember, send an email to Kristin (Simply Speech) at and list your answers.  The FIRST person to get them all correct or the person with the most correct guesses by Sunday at midnight (EST) wins. Answers and the winner will be announced on Monday. 

Good luck!

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