Thursday, November 14, 2013

Acorn Craftivity

This week, we're sticking with the theme of squirrels and acorns.  On Tuesday, I posted about the book "Acorns Everywhere" and included a free Roll & Cover activity. (You can find that post HERE.)  I had mentioned that I run a group with an Occupational Therapist.  We came up with this activity to promote fine motor objectives after reading "Acorns Everywhere."  Well, some of my groups absolutely LOVE doing crafts so I adapted the activity to meet the needs of my students!

I printed the acorn top and bottom on cardstock and had kids color them in and cut them out. Then I punched holes along the adjoining edges and had them lace together with yarn:

You could modify this activity for pretty much any target:

  • Articulation: Write sound on the top portion and have students brainstorm words to write on the bottom.
  • Categorization: Write a category on the top and have students brainstorm members of that category to write on the bottom.
  • Describing:  Write a word at the top. Have students write describing words on the bottom.  OR...
  • EET:  Write a target vocabulary word on the top. Use your EET stickers along the bottom and have students follow the strand to describe the word.
You can find the acorn pattern HERE.

Let me know what you think! What other ideas do you have for using the acorns?

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