Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Little Final Consonant Deletion Karma

This year the majority of my 3-year old articulation students have a little final consonant deletion going on.  Not surprising, I know.  Well, I've been plugging away at getting them to mark those final consonants and they're doing great!  Next step?  I pulled out the FCD story from Read Aloud Minimal Contrast Stories With Activities from Super Duper.  This one is about a monkey who finds all sorts of strange things in her mailbox.  I got the story printed for my group and grabbed some markers.  And then it occurred to me...Hey! I have a monkey!  I got him with my Talk it, Rock it (formerly Kids Express Train) CDs.  Wait a minute! I also have a mailbox!  (Thanks Target Dollar Spot!)  My kids had a blast making the monkey look in the mailbox for their target words!  

Don't you love it when your therapy plan ends up being even better than you had planned??  Have you ever planned something and had it transform into something even better?

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