Monday, November 12, 2012

App Review & Giveaway: Preposition Builder

Today I'm showcasing another app from Kyle over at the Mobile Education Store.  This time, we have Preposition Builder!  

When you open the app, you will need to create a student profile.  I used "Sample Student" as my profile name.  You can add multiple students & collect data for each one.

Once you have created a profile, you are taken back to the "Settings" screen:

"Settings" in the Menu along the bottom


  • Audio Instructions:  With this option on, the student will be read the stimulus statement (a fill-in-the blank statement) and preposition options.  They will also be instructed to drag the appropriate preposition to the blank.  If you turn this option off, you will not be prompted with verbal instructions
  • Correct Answer Reinforcement:  The default setting is for correct answer reinforcement.  With this option selected, the narrator will read the completed sentence when the child selects the appropriate preposition.  No reinforcement is provided if you turn this option off. 
  • Record Correct Answer:  You have the option of targeting expressive language by having the student record the completed sentence after they complete the receptive component.  
  • Modules:  Preposition Builder has nine modules, each targeting 3-4 related prepositions.  You must select one module to target during your session.  You cannot select more than one module at a time.  The modules are:
                              1.  In-On-Under
                              2.  Down-Up-Off
                              3.  Above-Below-At-By
                              4.  Behind-Between-Beside
                              5.  Out of-Next to-Away from
                              6.  Toward-Around-Through
                              7.  To-From-At
                              8.  Across-Past-Over
                              9.  With-About-For

Now we'll take a look at the other Menu items along the bottom of the screen:

"Info" Screen
To the far left is the "Info" tab.  From this tab, you will see a narrative that explains how to use the app and a description of the features.

We already went over the "Settings."  Next to that is "Play."  Once you have selected your targets from the "Settings" screen, you are ready to play.  Here's an example from the "In-On-Under" module:

I used the app with all of the options turned "on."  So, the narrator read the statement and instructed the student to drag the appropriate preposition to the blank.  If the student selects the correct preposition (in this case "on"), they will hear the completed sentence.  If the student selects an incorrect response, the image will change momentarily to provide a visual representation of that response (e.g., if the student selected "in," they would be shown an image of the boy pouring cereal in the bowl). They would also be given an opportunity to continue until they got the right answer.  

Here are some screenshots from other modules:




If you selected "Record Correct Answer," you would be given the option of recording the student response, or moving on to the next sentence.

Once you have recorded a response, you can play the recording, re-record, save the recording, or move on to the next sentence.  To save a recording, just tap "Save Recording" and give it a file name!

Saving a Recording

I found some of the pictures to be challenging.  In fact, I was wrong on a couple of the pictures (I guess I need to work on my prepositions!).  Here's an example:

When I first saw this picture, I selected "between."  This seemed like the correct response to me, but I do understand why "behind" is also an appropriate answer.  Pictures like this could open up a discussion regarding why "behind" is a better response than "between."


Clicking on "Stats" in the menu along the bottom will give you the data for your session.  You can email yourself the stats as well or reset back to "0."  Notice the "Show my animations"  button?  You may be wondering what this is all about.  Well, Preposition Builder has built-in reinforcement.  As you play each module and provide correct answers, you progress toward unlocking the reinforcement.  Look at the screenshot with the skunks.  See the 2/21 in the corner?  This is not for the purpose of data collection, but showing your progress toward unlocking portions of a story.  

When you select "Show my animations," you will see this screen:

 Notice, you are able to see the opening sequence of the story, but you must play each module and have 21 correct responses/module to see the completed sequence.  The student must select the appropriate response on the first try to move along in their progress toward unlocking pieces of the story.

The end screen of the Opening Sequence

This is the last option on the bottom menu.  If you saved any recordings, this is where you will find them.

 That's Preposition Builder in a nutshell!  If you'd like to see a video tutorial, you can do so here.

  • The pictures are engaging and sometimes funny.  You could probably use some of them for other targets.  For example, you could target reasoning skills/providing explanations.  
  • The app targets a variety of prepositions, from basic (up, in) to more complex (between, toward, past).
  • Even if a student selects an incorrect response, that preposition is clarified and reinforced.  
  • The built-in reinforcement of the pirate video encourages students to keep working toward the goal of seeing how the story plays out.
  • I love that I can save the voice recordings and come back to them at a later date.  
  • Data collection, data collection, data collection!  I know I sound like a broken record, but I love apps that allow for data collection! :)
  • In relation to other speech-specific apps, this one is very reasonably priced at $7.99.
  • You cannot select more than one module at a time.  It would be nice if you could do so for a child who is working on transfer/carryover.  Perhaps in a future update, if a student unlocks the entire pirate story, they will be allowed to select multiple or all modules.  
  • You cannot use with more than one student at a time.  This means that, when working with groups, you'll be switching users repeatedly.
  • Some of the "incorrect" preposition choices may be "correct" to a student (or to you for that matter) based on geographical/dialectical differences. 
The Bottom Line:
  • Overall, this is a great app for targeting prepositions (receptive and expressive).  You could also use it for developing reasoning skills, providing explanations, and even conversation starters.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons!  If you find yourself targeting prepositions, you may want to consider purchasing this app!  Preposition Builder sells for $7.99 in the iTunes Store.  

Think you can use this app?  Enter to win a copy using the Rafflecopter below.  

Disclaimer:  Although Kyle was kind enough to provide a copy of this app for me to review and another to give away, the options expressed are 100% my own.  

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