Thursday, November 8, 2012

Newsletter Changes

I've mentioned on the Facebook page that Massachusetts has a new educator evaluation system.  We have a rubric for parent communication, and it seems as though the newsletter I posted back in September is lacking.  The newsletter that I had started sending home is an example of one-way communication and doesn't allow for parent input.  So, after a meeting with some colleagues the other day, this is what I'm going to start doing (Thank you Maureen & Melanie).

You've seen these calendars that I print on the back of my newsletter.  They are from the Moog Center for Deaf Education:

Well, I'm going to have parents check off the activities that they complete with their children.  Each student who completes at least 10 activities will be able to pick a prize from my prize box.  I also added in a box for parent comments/concerns/questions.  Hopefully, this will open the door for 2-way communication!  Instead of going on the back of my newsletter, it will be a second page to make it easier for parents to return.

What works for you in communicating with parents?

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