Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Throw it Away! (Calendars)

I probably should have posted this back in January!  However, on the off chance that you haven't gotten around to throwing out your old calendars, DON'T!  They're another great resource for DIY therapy materials!

Here are some examples from calendars I had:

How cute are these puppies?  Aside from being adorable, check out their faces.  You can use them for describing emotion, describing how you think they would/should feel in different situations (remember, you have 12 pictures!).  You could use them to teach adjectives as well:  sleepy, playful, spotted, etc.

I found the calendar above at the dollar store.  In each picture, some of the friends (a giraffe, bear, duck, and bunny) are pictured doing different actions.  These pictures are great for sentence formulation, describing a scene, describing weather, etc.

Have you re-used calendar pages in therapy?  Tell us about it!

PS, If you have an awesome "Don't Throw it Away" tip that you'd like to share in a guest post, send me an email at cmanchester57@gmail.com
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