Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book of the Week: Big Wide Mouthed Frog

Did you catch my Articulation Frogs Craftivity posted earlier this week?  (If not, you can find it HERE).

Well, in keeping with the frog theme, my book of the week this week is "The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog" by Ana Martin Larranaga.


In this story, the Big Wide-Mouthed Frog hops off to see the world.  He meets different creatures (a kangaroo, a koala, a possum, an emu, and a crocodile).  He asks the same question to each animal he meets:  "Who are you and what do you eat?"  In the end, he meets a crocodile who, coincidentally, eats big wide-mouthed frogs and the frog quickly hops away.

I made some quick sequencing cards to accompany the book (graphics from Graphics Factory).  You can use just the animals to sequence the story, or use the animals and food for a matching task.  I tend to have my little guys make sentences (e.g., "Kangaroos eat grass"). You can download a copy of the sequencing cards HERE.

To accompany this book, I often do an activity that I posted about a few months ago (HERE).  Essentially, I place different colored shapes inside a hula hoop (you could also use language or articulation cards) and give each student 1-2 hopping frogs (the kind you press down on and they "jump").  The students either make the frogs jump into the "pond" or toss them into the "pond," depending on motor skills.  

Then they need to tell me a sentence about what happened:
  • My frog landed on a blue rectangle
  • My frogs hopped on a red circle and orange triangle
  • The red frog landed on the blue rectangle and the green frog landed on the orange triangle.
  • I got "robot" (articulation card)

What's your favorite frog-themed book/activity?


  1. Perfect timing on this! I just purchased this book through Scholastic!

    1. That's where I got mine too! You'll love the book!

  2. Cute!! The only frog books I have are one or two of the Froggy books. My fav is Froggy gets dressed. In Spanish because that books sounds awesome in Spanish! ;)

    1. Nothing sounds awesome in Spanish when I speak it, lol! I wish I spoke Spanish...even a little bit!

  3. great activity where did you find the hopping frogs?

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I've had the frogs for so long, I'm not 100% sure where I got them. I think I have seen them at the dollar store though.


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