Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our BHSM Trivia Contest was a HIT!

May was a busy, but fun month for the SLPs at my school!  We decided to have a lot of fun with BHSM this year!  (If you missed my post about some of the things we planned, you can read it HERE).

We got a great response from teachers and staff!  Many of the teachers and students stopped us in the hall to ask us questions.  We had about 20 people sign up for hearing screenings!  

But I think the biggest hit was our trivia contest!

It was surprising to see how competitive some of the teachers got!!!  We ended up asking 12 questions, many of which had "bonus answers."  We found that many of our initial questions were too easy (aka "Google-able").  So, we ended up adding the bonuses to make the questions more difficult.  Here are some examples:

  • Name the three SLPs in the building.
  • How many total students in the school receive speech and language therapy?
  • What does a cochlear implant enhance? BONUS:  How many students in the school have a cochlear implant?
  • SLPs often use the terms “Big Mack” (Voice output device) and “glottal fry” (raspy voice quality at lower registers).  These are NOT foods you would order at a restaurant.  Name the two SLPs who have family members who run local restaurants.  
  • Name a famous person that stutters.  BONUS:  Which 2 SLPs have family members who stutter.

Some of the teachers went above and beyond with their answers and I wanted to share a few of the responses with you...

"Name a disorder that is 'puzzling.'  Bonus:  Which two SLPs have a family member with this disorder?"

*This one should have been easy since our district does a fundraiser - "Piecing it together" (with a puzzle theme) for the ASD programs.

"Name three of the earliest developing speech sounds."

"Name a cartoon character with a speech disorder.  BONUS: Name the disorder."

I truly looked forward to grabbing the responses out of the answer box and checking them out!  By the way, many of you asked me to share the questions with you.  Did you end up doing a trivia contest for staff/students?  If so, how did it go?

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