Thursday, September 5, 2013

September SLP Link Up!

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It's that time again!  All Y'all Need is hosting another of their awesome monthly SLP link ups!  (You can see the original post HERE).

Here goes...

School-ing:  In my town, students don't start school until after Labor Day.  That mean's that today is just the third day of school!  If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed that I already had to take a personal day today to bring my son to his preschool orientation!  Any-whoo...we just got our speech lists yesterday and now we're dividing up the kiddos and checking out IEPs.  So I will pretty much be working on scheduling and completing hearing screenings of all of the kindergarten students tomorrow and next week.  (Anyone else have to complete hearing screenings?)

Excited:  I just ordered an EET (that's Expanding Expression Tool if you haven't heard of it yet) and am SOOOO excited to use it!  I'm really hoping that it will make a difference for the students I service and help them to be more successful!

Prepping:  I'm doing so much prep right now it's crazy! I just had to order more lamination because I went through THREE 50-packs!  Now I'm ordering the 100 packs from Amazon (see below).  I've been putting together my SLP Planner and Data Collection binders. I also just finished laminating "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything" Companion by Denise of  Speech Language Pirates, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books Companion by Jenn of Crazy Speech World, a couple of Mia's (Putting Words in Your Mouth) Quick Artic activities (here's the superhero one), and my Apple Trouble Book Companion.  I did buy a few other items during the TPT Back to School Sale that I will be printing and copying soon, including:  Itty Bitty Books for Articulation Practice (Here's a link to the SH, CH, J edition) by School House Talk, EET Companion Pack Bundle by Speech Time Fun, The Voice Monsters by Queen's Speech, and Language Dice by the Buckeye Speech Path.

Meal planning!  Over the summer, I trade in my SLP hat for a short-order cook's hat.  Not really, but it feels that way!  I always end up cooking a different lunch and dinner food for each person in my house (thank goodness there are only three of us!).  To avoid that, I'm trying to plan my meals a week in advance so I have a better idea of what I need to get at the supermarket.  Without the planning, I just buy what I think we might want/need and there ends up being a lot of waste...Not a good thing!  Hopefully this will help!

That's it! If you're a blogger, head over to All Y'all Need and link up!  If you're not a blogger, leave me a comment about what you're School-ing, what's got you Excited, and what you're Prepping and Trying. 

Happy September!

These are the lamination pouches I just ordered.  I'll let you know how I like them!

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