Monday, June 16, 2014

Bubble Categories

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Hey Everyone!

Time for my monthly (or so) check-in. ;)  Boy have I been busy with Jamberry work and end of the school year goings-on, but I wanted to share some fun books and another activity for those of you who are still in school or working summer school!

Summer is a great time to play with Bubbles!  I found these adorable books on Amazon and I've been using them in some of my sessions:

I've noticed that my students this year have really struggled with categories - especially naming a category when given members of the category. So, I developed this activity.

There are bubble wand cards that each have 3 category members each:

Then there are bubble container cards with a category name:

There are a few different ways you can use this activity.

  1. First, you can use the bubble wand cards separately. Shuffle and have students draw a card. They can read the three members and try to come up with the category.
  2. You could also use the bubble container cards separately. Shuffle and have students draw a card. They can read the category name and try to name a specified number of members.
  3. Another way to use the bubble container cards would be to divide students into teams.  One card is drawn and teams take turns naming a member of the category until one team can no longer think of a member. Once that happens, the other team gets the point.
  4. Use both sets of cards together, mix them up and play a Memory Game.

There is also a game board to increase motivation during your sessions:

My kids love bubbles and I've been using actual bubbles as a reinforcement for this activity.  You can download for FREE in my TPT store! As always, please leave feedback if you download! :)

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