Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving break! I know I am! I haven't done anything work or blog related...Until now that is ;)  You probably already know that the big TPT site-wide sale is coming up Monday and Tuesday.  

Today I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her "What's in Your Cart?" Linky Party!

Here's what's in my cart for the big sale:

Now that I've shown you what's in my cart, I want to share some of my recent best sellers:

Seasonal & Thematic Dot Reinforcers: Print out the Christmas and Winter pages and use in conjunction with your trusty artic and language cards.  Here are a few sample pages:

20 Seasonal & Thematic Game Boards: Here's another packet designed to be used to spice up your drill work!

If you're torn between these two, I've placed them in a money-saving bundle...and YES! Bundles are included in this sale!  Check out the Seasonal Open Ended Bundle here.

Last, I wanted to share some of my all-time most popular. These are the items that are best selling and/or most wish-listed:

What's on your wishlist???

Sunday, November 24, 2013

S...Peachy Feedback Linky

I feel like I haven't written a blog post in a long time.  Here are my excuses reasons for that:  I'm in the middle of writing progress reports. You know how that is!  As if that isn't bad enough, I've also been sick with a cold that just won't go away (and my son and my husband both caught it too).  Also, I feel like this has been my busiest school year yet. I hope to write a post on that in the near future.  Anyway, you know how Nicole from Speech Peeps hosts a monthly S...Peachy Feedback Linky?

Well, I'm a little late to the party (the linky is closed), but I still wanted to participate.  The purpose of this linky is to reward TPT users for leaving feedback that is detailed and helpful to other buyers!  This feedback was left on my Out of This World Vocabulary (An EET companion):

TPT user jztjzt, you won a free product from my TPT store (bundles excluded)! Send me an email at to claim your prize!

If you didn't win my prize this month, head over to Speech Peeps to see if you were the winner for another blog/store!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Acorn Craftivity

This week, we're sticking with the theme of squirrels and acorns.  On Tuesday, I posted about the book "Acorns Everywhere" and included a free Roll & Cover activity. (You can find that post HERE.)  I had mentioned that I run a group with an Occupational Therapist.  We came up with this activity to promote fine motor objectives after reading "Acorns Everywhere."  Well, some of my groups absolutely LOVE doing crafts so I adapted the activity to meet the needs of my students!

I printed the acorn top and bottom on cardstock and had kids color them in and cut them out. Then I punched holes along the adjoining edges and had them lace together with yarn:

You could modify this activity for pretty much any target:

  • Articulation: Write sound on the top portion and have students brainstorm words to write on the bottom.
  • Categorization: Write a category on the top and have students brainstorm members of that category to write on the bottom.
  • Describing:  Write a word at the top. Have students write describing words on the bottom.  OR...
  • EET:  Write a target vocabulary word on the top. Use your EET stickers along the bottom and have students follow the strand to describe the word.
You can find the acorn pattern HERE.

Let me know what you think! What other ideas do you have for using the acorns?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book of the Week: Acorns Everywhere!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to for your convenience.

One of the books I'm using this week is "Acorns Everywhere!" by Kevin Sherry.  This is a VERY simple book that I picked up from one of the Scholastic flyers for $1.00 last year. There really aren't a lot of words, so this is a great book for having students "read" the pictures!

We discussed why the squirrel is burying acorns, whether or not students have seen squirrels gathering food in their yards, as well as the emotions of the different animals we see on the pages.  After we were finished, we worked on following directions using acorns (put them in the the cup, give three acorns to Mrs. Smith, put one one your toes, etc.).

In my next sessions with the kids, we used this Roll & Cover Game to target their individual language and articulation goals:

If you'd like a copy of this game, you can download it HERE.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Round Up!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks away!  I had every intention to finish all of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving this year, but I'm not sure that's going to happen!  I digress...I know many of  you may be prepping for your therapy sessions and want to include some fun Thanksgiving themed items, so I figured I'd share a round-up of my Thanksgiving posts from last year:

  • I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie:  This is one of my favorite books for Thanksgiving! This post has links to some fun free activities from other blogs that you can use to accompany the book.

  • Articulation Turkeys:  This is a FREE printable to target single word articulation skills. I included blank pages as well so that you can use the turkeys to address other sounds as well as language targets.

  • Thanksgiving Bingo:  This is another FREEBIE designed to target Thanksgiving vocabulary in a fun way!

I will be adding some new posts about Thanksgiving this year, but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the old ones!

Happy November!

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