Monday, April 8, 2013

Kid Quotes #2

Today I was working with a group of preschoolers.  We were doing one of the Matt & Molly Stories - "A Frog in a Tree" (from the Animals pack).

If you saw my Facebook post last week, I had this idea to hang a ribbon from my closet door and attach the pictures from the stories with clothespins.  (The story above is "A Rainy Day").

Back to the quote.  In "A Frog in a Tree," Molly is eating ice cream when a frog jumps out of a tree and into her ice cream cone! The story explains that Molly is surprised.  After telling the story, I took the pictures down and had the children place the cards in the correct sequence.  Then I had the kids retell the story.  One boy got up and did a fantastic job for most of the story.  Here's how it played out:

Boy:  Then the frog jumped in the ice cream.  The End!

Me:  How did Molly feel about that?

Boy:  Hungry?

Me:  I think the frog was hungry. (Here I did my absolute best "Home Alone" face) Molly felt...

Boy:  Crazy!

Thanks kid, lol!  He wouldn't be the first to call me crazy or silly, but probably the most memorable!  How was your day today?

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