Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Happy New Year!  

I hope everyone had a fantastic ending of 2013 and I wish you nothing but wonderful things for 2014!  If you are back to work this week and need something quick to do with your kiddos, here's a simple worksheet...

First we talked about our time away from school and I asked the kids to tell me about their Christmas (for the ones who celebrate).  Inevitably, this lead to a discussion about their presents, so I had each child tell me about their favorite gift and the reasons they liked the gift.  Finally, they drew a picture of the gift.

Here are some examples: 

I did this with preschool kids, so I wrote in their answers. If you work with older children, you can have them write their own responses. You can download a copy of the worksheet HERE.



  1. I like this because it says 'my favorite gift', and does not include a holiday name, so it can cover all things celebrated.

    1. Yes! I wanted people to be able to use it for Christmas or Hanukkah. You're right though, you can use it with kids right after a birthday celebration as well!


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