Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thomas the Train, Ticket to Ride Game

Today my husband and I took our son to A Day Out with Thomas for an early birthday celebration.  Matthew is a HUGE Thomas enthusiast!  Matthew is not alone in his love of Thomas.  I know I have quite a few kids on my caseload who are fans of the #1 blue engine as well!  In honor of Matthew's special day and upcoming birthday, I've created a Thomas game for you!

Here we are as Thomas was backing away from the station:
Matthew couldn't take his eyes off Thomas!

This game is a variation of the Cookin' Cookies game I found at Target a few years ago.  Here's the link to the original game on Amazon.  Cookin' Cookies is one of the all times favorites of the kids I service.  Basically, each child gets a recipe with 5 ingredients.  The ingredients are also pictured on the back of the cookies.  The kids use the spoons (with suction cups on them) to pick up a cookie.  The first one to get all of their ingredients wins.  There are also rotten eggs mixed in.  If you get one of these, you lose a turn!  I often use the spoons to have the kids pick up their articulation cards (they'll hold onto pretty much anything that's laminated!).

 Here's the Thomas variation:

Each child gets a Train Schedule with six trains on it:

There are smaller cards with the corresponding trains:

If you'd like, you can print blank tickets on the back of these train cards (sheet of tickets included in download):

You play in the same manner as you would Cookin' Cookies (but without spoons!).  Don't get stuck at a railroad crossing, or you'll lose a turn!

The fist player to collect all six trains is the winner!

Grab the game here.

Do you have kids (your own or on your caseload) who love Thomas?  If so, I hope they love the game!

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