Sunday, October 28, 2012

Articulation Turkeys

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but with a hurricane on its way, I'm not going to take power and internet access for granted! 

So I saw this cute clip art on TPT by Stacy Johnson ( and decided to put together an activity focusing on articulation.  After I started working on this download, I saw this post and activity targeting on categories from Jenna over at Speech Room News.  I guess great minds think alike!

So here are my Articulation Turkeys...

I created turkeys for the sounds I am currently targeting in my articulation groups - /k/, /l/, and /f/.  I also threw in /s/ and /g/.  They are feather-less turkeys with a target phoneme printed on the belly:

Then there are 6 feathers for each target sound (initial position).

I also added one blank turkey and a page of blank feathers so you can add your own images to target other sounds.  You may want to leave the turkeys blank and use the turkeys and feathers as a simple reinforcement game.

My kids often like to do cutting/gluing activities like those found in the Scissors, Glue series from Super Duper.  Because of this, I added black and white turkeys/feathers so that you can create your own cut & paste worksheets.

You can grab this 15-page document FREE from my TPT store.  Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE 10/30/12:   Brea over at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology created a similar activity with MORE phonemes and MORE word positions.  Head on over and check it out!
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