Friday, November 23, 2012

Receptive Detectives - TPT activity with FREEBIE

I'm taking a little break from the holiday activities to introduce "Receptive Detectives."  I've been working on this file for a while now and was going to wait until January to post it.  However, I know at least a few of you are planning to take advantage of the TPT Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale (see graphic below).  So, because of the sale, I figured I'd post this now.  That way, if you do want it, you can get it on sale! :)

Here it is..."Receptive Detectives!"  (Graphics are by Scrappin' Doodles)

In this packet, you get 36 clue cards.  Essentially, there are 5 clues for each item.  The clues range from vague to specific.  For example, Dog:  5.  It's an animal; 4.  It's a kind of pet; 3.  It might live in your house; 2.  It wears a collar; 1.  It barks.

clue cards

Game play variations:

1.1.  Teacher holds cards and draws one for each student or team. Teacher reads aloud the clues, one at a time, beginning with number 5.  If a student/team guesses the correct answer on the first clue, they get 5 points.  If they guess the answer on the 2nd clue (after reading the #4 clue), they get 4 points, and so on.  The student/team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  You can use the scoring sheet included if you choose.

scoring sheet
*Depending on the level of students, you may want to lay out several answer cards for students to choose from.


Answer cards

2.  Use the included game board.  Give the students clues to the answers.  If they guess correctly, they can roll a dice and move their game piece (you can use coins or pawns from another game).  This game board is the FREEBIE!  Simply follow the link below to the Receptive Detectives page on TPT and click "Download Preview."

And that's it!  Hope you like it and can use it in your therapy rooms!  Don't forget about the TPT Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!  All items in my store will be 20% off (including Receptive Detectives).  Use the code CMT 12 to save an additional 8%!

Happy Shopping!!!

PS, I promised all of you that I wouldn't be posting a ton of paid TPT items...just wanted to get this one posted before the sale starts.  There will be at least TWO freebies coming soon!

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