Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book of the Week: The Gingerbread Girl

The book I'm using this week in therapy is "The Gingerbread Girl" by Lisa Campbell Ernst. In this twist of the classic tale, a lonely old woman and lonely old man decide to make a gingerbread girl to keep them company.  They figure a sweet girl would never run away from them as her brother did in the past.  A chase ensues!  The gingerbread girl proves more clever than her bother, and more clever than the fox that got the best of her brother!  The book ends with all of the "chasers" getting together at the home of the old woman and old man and having a get-together (even the fox)!

While the gingerbread girl runs, she chants:

Run, Run
With a leap and a twirl.
You can't catch me.
I'm the Gingerbread Girl!

For this story, I used Lesson Pix again to create icons for my story stick:

I'm also using the Gingerbread Pronouns activity from my Gingerbread Speech and Language Unit.  We're targeting the pronouns "He," "She" and "they.  

We also are using Starfall's Gingerbread app ($.99 in the App Store).  This app allows you to create a gingerbread boy or girl while practicing shape/color concepts.  When you are finished, you get to see an animation with the gingerbread rhymes.  You can also do this activity on the Starfall Website free of charge.  If you're wondering, the app does have an additional activity that is not available on the website - Shapes Maze.  Also, you can save your cookie creations on the app.

Starfall Gingerbread screenshots

Have you used "The Gingerbread Girl" in therapy?  What s your favorite Gingerbread variation?

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