Friday, February 1, 2013

Lunch Tray Listening {FREEBIE}

In honor of the launch of the all-new Speechie Freebies blog, I'm so excited to share a {FREEBIE} with you!  Lunch Tray Listening is an activity designed to work on increasing a student's ability to provide and follow directions.  

It comes with lunch tray mats:


and food items...

There are two variations of game play:  

1.  Barrier Game:  To be used with two students or two teams of students.  Give each team  a copy of the lunch tray and a copy of the food items.  Place a barrier or partition between the teams.  Have one team create a scene using the pieces.  That team then provides directions (as detailed as possible) to the other team.  Once finished, the barrier is removed.  You can use this opportunity to discuss what worked/what didn’t and help students formulate improved directives.  

2.  Following Directions:  Print enough copies for each student in your group to have their own set of materials.  Have students complete directives (e.g., “Put the apple in the round opening on the tray” or “Place the milk carton above the tray and the fork below the tray.”).  

Sample directions are included in the download.  Here are some samples:

  • Put the sandwich in the largest tray.
  • Put the milk carton above the tray.
  • Put the cookie in the round opening.

  • Find a vegetable and put it in the top right opening. 
  • Place the milk carton above the tray and the knife below the tray. 
  • Place the sandwich in the largest opening and the fork on top of it. 

You can download this freebie HERE.  Let me know what you think!

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