Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Open Ended Ice Cream Themed Quick Game

The countdown to summer has begun for many of us.  From the talk on Facebook, there are a lot of you out there who have many less days than I do!  Since I have summer vacation on the brain, I decided to create a summery themed open ended game for you guys.

This Ice Cream themed Open Ended Quick Game is perfect for RTI sessions and/or to add some fun to quick burst articulation therapy.  Simply laminate the pages and cut out the cards.  Have students complete a desired number of language/articulation tasks.  Once they have completed tasks, students draw a card.  Once a student collect cards 1-4 of an ice cream flavor, they win the game!

This is a pretty simple game, but it's great for short sessions, RTI, or for those times when you have a few extra minutes in a session!  You can download this freebie HERE.  Hope you enjoy!

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