Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't Throw it Away! Wipes Containers

Today's "Don't Throw it Away" post features baby wipes containers.  This one might be a no-brainer - that you should be saving these for storage - but I had to share on the off-chance that someone out there is actually recycling their wipes containers!

(Click picture for link to product on Amazon)

What's not to love about wipes containers?  They're sturdy, have a removable lid, and come in a fairly standard size.  If you're lucky, you can find some that have a flat top.  The containers below are from the generic wipes that my district purchases for the preschool classrooms.  One teacher was kind enough to actually clean and save some containers for me (after she had saved some for herself as well)!  You can see they stack neatly on my shelves:

They're great for storing crayons, articulation cards, small toys/objects, etc.  In one of the boxes, I keep the materials that go with the following directions data sheets I use for screenings and baseline data (follow the link to download):

Want more ideas?  Check out Pinterest for inspiration!

Do you use empty wipes containers for storage?  What do you keep in them?

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