Friday, December 28, 2012

Feed the Penguin Companion Packs

So many of you downloaded my "Feed the Penguin: Bilabial Sounds" FREEBIE on TPT!!! (If you missed it, you can download it HERE).

Feed the Penguin: Bilabial Sounds

I read all of your comments on TPT and many of you were interested in other sounds and/or using the activity for other goal targets.  So, I created TWO new activities:

Feed the Penguin:  Articulation Pack

I left in the large penguin if you wish to have your students physically feed the fish to the penguins.  However, if you plan to use this activity with older children, they may not want to play that way.  Because of that, I included these penguin mats:

Print enough copies for each student to get a mat. As they say target words, they can place fish on their mats.  The student with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner.

This activity includes 7 sounds:  /l/ (initial and medial); /k/, /g/, /r/, /s/, /sh/ (initial, medial, and final); and voiceless /th/ (initial and final).  Each sound/position has nine fish with target words/pictures.  (The words are printed on the fish's tail).  Here are some examples:

And the complete word list:

You can find this packet HERE in my TPT store. 

Feed the Penguin:  Language Pack

Now for the Language edition.  In this packet, you also get the large penguin and the penguin mats.  There are four target areas included:




Activity Includes:  Present Tense, Present Progressive, Regular Past, & Irregular Past


You can find this activity HERE in my TPT store.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing BOTH items, I put them together in a bundle, offered at a special value price! Find the bundle HERE.  Also, don't forget about the New Year! New Materials! Sale January 2nd and 3rd. The individual packets will be on sale those days (20% off)!

Happy New Year!

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