Saturday, December 29, 2012

"How Does David Feel?" Pragmatic Language FREEBIE

While making an articulation activity, I found this image on Graphics Factory:

I noticed that they offered a few other emotion images with a similar look.  I decided to use them to create a pragmatic language activity - "How Does David Feel?"  I named this guy David because he reminded me a little bit of the boy in "No, David!"  by David Shannon.  Ok, the people in the graphics are not all the same, but I kept the name David throughout. 

Here's what you get...There are two pages of emotion/physical state cards (6 cards/page for a total of 12):

page 1

page 2

Then there are three pages of scenarios (4/page for a total of 12):

Use the emotion/physical state cards on pages 2 & 3 to teach the emotions/feelings. Ask your students to brainstorm scenarios that would cause them to experience the emotions.  Once they are able to identify the emotions, you can move on to the second part.  Read the scenarios on pages 4-6. Ask students to identify how the boy (David) would feel in each situation.  There may be more than one correct response per card. Two children may have different reactions to the same situation.  Because of this, you may wish to expand on the activity by asking why David would feel that way.

Hope you like it!  You can download this freebie HERE.  If you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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