Sunday, December 30, 2012

Groundhog Day Open Ended Games

I got some really cute Groundhog clip art from Little Red's Schoolhouse. I decided to make some simple open-ended games that can be used with any language target.  The first is a card game.  There are groundhog cards numbered one through three...

There are also "Hooray! Spring is coming" cards.  If a student draws this card, they get to take an extra turn.

And "Uh-Oh!" cards.  Groundhog sees his shadow.  If a student draws this card, they lose their turn.

Finally, there is a simple board game.  Help the Groundhog find his way from his hole to Springtime!

This packet can be found at my TPT store.  If you click "Download Preview," you get the board game for FREE!

Hope you like it!

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